Home Care Agency, Holly Services Inc is looking for a caregiver that can work below the shifts in Venice Beach. The clients is an American male who needs help with personal care menus like bathing assistance and making appointments with doctor. If you are qualified, please click the link, and then fill out the form with your credentials, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Location:Venice Beach
Work Date & Time:4 Hrs*2 days shifts (out of Mon / Tue / Thu /Friday) 8am – 12pm or 9am – 1pm
Client’s Info:Speaking English

Must have
-your car with insurance (for commute / not using your car for work)
-be able to pass the Department of Justice and FBI Live Scan fingerprint background check
-personal care experiences over 1 year
-Home Care Registration number
-Sign up Holly Services, Inc

[Details of Regular Wage]
Regular Hourly:$16.50
Weekend & Night Time:10%up
Holiday :20%up
Over 8 hrs (Daytime) :50%up

Sick Leave
Mileage reimbursement (over 30 miles from your location)