Covid-19 Response

Holly Services Caregivers help keep your loved ones safe

Uncertainty about the health of your loved ones, especially during a pandemic is normal but can be reduced through proper support and care.

Our caregivers can further mitigate risks for Covid-19 by picking up groceries and medications for your loved ones.

Caregivers will take care of cleaning and disinfecting high-touch areas of the house such as doorknobs, light switches, handles, countertops and tables/ desktops, phones, keyboards, bathroom fixtures etc.

Emotional support and socializing provided by Holly Services caregivers can also help your loved one from loneliness and isolation.

(Updated 09/09/2021)

The letter from CEO of the Holly Services, Inc

The State of California issued a new regulation to health care companies, and it requires all health care workers to finish full vaccinations by September 30. If a staff has medical or religious reasons, they must submit proof of negative results of the PCR test to the company at least once a week.

Our goal is to meet clients’ expectations and satisfaction through providing home care services. We have strongly encouraged the staff to be vaccinated, and almost 90% of our care staff have been vaccinated at present. To follow the rule from October 1, we have discussed with unvaccinated staff how we guarantee peace of mind to clients and families. They agreed with the rule and keep COVID-19 precautions strictly. Any staff who disagrees will pause working with us under the new rule.

(Updated 09/20/2021)

To follow the new vaccination regulation which the State orders, we confirmed the status, agree or disagree, of all the staff. Almost all have been vaccinated or agreed to submit negative results of PCR tests except for two of them.

All caregivers are taking the following precautions
  • Gargling and handwashing when beginning each shift
  • Washing hands often and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Wearing face coverings and adhering to social distance
  • When masks were hard to obtain, we had masks imported from Japan available for caregivers, in-house staff, and clients to use
Strict Guidelines and precautions taken when our caregiver feels ill

Fortunately, not one caregiver from Holly Services has tested positive for COVID. If a caregiver does not feel well, they are instructed to contact office immediately and given time off to rest. Only when their results comeback negative for COVID, they are allowed to resume work

When our caregiver fell ill with a fever, she contacted Holly Services to report her symptoms.

Holly Services relieved her of her duties so she could stay home and rest while also notifying her clients of the situation

She tested negative for COVID-19 but was still given 2 weeks off from Holly Services to stay home and recover and ensure she wasn’t infected.

Safety and well being for our clients and caregivers is our number one priority
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