Fall Prevention – More than 3 million Americans are injured each year due to falls

According to the CDC, 3 million Americans are injured in falls, and 800,000 are hospitalized each year in the United States.  At least 300,000 of these are due to hip fractures, and most are women. 

A fall can require hospitalization and a stay in a rehabilitation facility for 1 to 2 months, and even after returning home, there is muscle loss and an increased risk of falling again.

Holly Services has technical exchanges with Altidea, a Japanese company that operates nursing care facilities throughout Japan.  In January, our caregivers attended a seminar on fall prevention provided by a licensed physical therapist from Altidea. Fall prevention is one of the most important items in home-visit nursing care.  If you have ever fallen or have become unstable when walking, we recommend that you discuss the start of care services with your family.  We provide caregiving service that integrates the field and the office so that our clients can enjoy their daily lives and stay in their familiar homes for as long as possible.

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