To Long-Term Care Insurance Holders

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Please be advised that if you are planning your Long-Term Care insurance to pay for the home-care services, sometimes there are 4 parties involved.

  1. Home Care Agency: Holly Services, Inc.
  2. Client: you
  3. Insurance Company
  4. LTCG

To have your service covered by insurance

There is a standard measurement that an insurance company determines if they cover home care service fee. It is called 6ADL. ADL stands for Activities of Daily Living, and these are;
1. Eating, 2. Bathing (& hygiene), 3. Dressing, 4. Mobility, 5. Toileting, 6. Continence.

(these items may vary depends on contracts or insurance companies)

Generally, insurance companies may not cover the home care service fee or invoice if at least two of the above tasks are not performed at the service visit.

It depends on what kind or level of insurance you have or what task is included in the contract, so please review your contract to see if they cover the service we provide.

If you plan to use your long-term insurance, please feel free to contact us.

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